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Scottish Silkworm’s business owner Alan Calder-McNicoll is a keen traveller who has travelled extensively throughout the world never travelling without his sleeping bag liner. He has a special fondness for East Africa and has visited many countries on the African continent. His business helps support his voluntary work with the vulnerable and destitute in Gweru, Zimbabwe.  Check out Champion For Childrens of which he is Co – Founder for more information.

Scottish Silkworm  promises an above expected level of customer service.

In their review of sleeping bag liners, The Independent Newspaper listed The Scottish Silkworm in the top five.

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30 days “no quibble” money back guarantee. At Scottish Silkworm we offer a “no quibble” guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied then please contact us.

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All payments are 100% secure using any credit or debit card giving you peace of mind.

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We believe in the quality of our products. We offer a “no quibble” 2 year warranty to make sure that we can deliver this quality assurance to you.

A story from one of our customers

As I unzipped my frost encrusted tent, glad of my second pair of socks to see me through the night, I emerged from my ultralight one-person nest to see the striking autumnal sunrise over The Cairnwell, western Cairngorms. That perishingly cold Scottish morning was the first where my sleep kit was furnished with a few additional microns of insulation in the form of my newly purchased Scottish Silkworm sleeping bag liner.
That unseasonably cold night I was unbelievably appreciative of any modicum of extra thermal protection against the elements the liner provided, however, since that night I have used it in a multitude of different environments and always been impressed by it’s durability and build quality.
The liner is now a hearty staple in my travel/camping kit and has kept me warm for many Monroe summit camps, provided a cool sleeping bag substitute in the Bornean rainforest and kept my down bag fresh and clean during lengthy trips through northern Oman. As it is versatile, robust and extremely compact, it recently made its way on a five month trip round East Africa with me.
While at a campsite in Gueru, central Zimbabwe, I met a cheery Dundonian doing work with the local community and we discussed life back in Scotland. When I asked him what he worked as back home he replied explaining he owned his own outdoor accessory business making sleeping bag liners, when I enquired what was the company name he replied Scottish Silkworm! Without hesitation I was able to sling my rucksack off my shoulders and produce my liner that I had bought many years ago. The chances of meeting Alan so far from home and with his own product on my person was quite unbelievable and an interesting turn of events. It just goes to show, when you buy good quality kit; you never know where it will take you or who you will meet!

Happy travels!

Andrew MacDonald.

A story from one of our customers