How do I share my link to get my commission?

To earn commission you must share your own unique link. To do this:-

1) Log into the affiliate dashboard.

2) Click the “Affiliate tools” tab.

3) Click the “Generate Link” button.

4a) To share on twitter or facebook, click the link, login to the facebook or twitter app and follow the instructions

4b) To share by email, click the “Mail” link. This will automatically open in your email program with the link copied into the message.

4c) To share on what’s app, Click the “What’s app” link and the link will be copied into WhatsApp.

4d) To create a QR code to print on merchandising. Click the “Create QR Code” button.

Click “Download QR” to download the image to your device.

5) The final way is to copy the link on the green background and share it wherever you wish.

** You can also create banners to display on your website. Click here for more information.