How do I wash my liner

For Pure Silk Hobo only

Step 1

If you have purchased a coloured liner soak overnight in cold water with 250grams of salt to fix the colour and stop it “bleeding”. Run cold water over it until the water runs clear. You may have to repeat this 3 or 4 times. NEVER RUB OR WRING. If non coloured carry out next steps only.

Step 2

For all liners Non coloured or otherwise wash with non-bio soap like simple baby shampoo in tepid water. It’s safer to hand wash only. Silk although very strong is very delicate when wet. NEVER RUB OR WRING

Step 3

Roll in an old bath towel (see diagram) and press out the excess water. NEVER RUB OR WRING

Dry flat indoors (silk should never be dried in the sun)

For Micro 140 liners only.

No need for above instructions. It is a very easy care product.

Wash separately at 40 degrees in washing machine before 1st use to soften the material. Spin on normal speed.

Thereafter wash at 40 degrees separately. Spin on normal speed.