Zimbabwe – 2018 (16th – 22nd April 2018)

Zimbabwe - 2018 (16th - 22nd April 2018)



Sorry guys getting behind on my blog writing. Monday the start of another week got off to a great beginning when I went to the Drop In Centre. Two of the three boys I sent to Ebeneezer Agricultural Training course last year were back for a few days of leave. Andrew and Munyiradzi (see pic). Patrick came later in the week (see pic) of him and Munyiradzi at the Chicken Slice where I took them for burger and chips! All three of them are doing great after almost competing the first year of a two year residential course. They love it. Yes the discipline is tough and the work is hard but they also have a lot of fun on the weekends with football and talent shows. I asked Andrew to talk to some of the other street kids ( see pic) about Ebeneezer and they listened attentively as Andrew gave them a run down as to what goes on there and what they can expect if they want to go. A couple of days later I filled out some more application forms for others who were keen to apply and get off the street. I now have seven applications for boys filled out and Godfrey who manages the place will call my phone nor Tuesday morning and speak to them before selecting some to go to boot camp for 3 days where the final selection takes place. I’m praying they all get the chance to go. I went to the store to take some pics of the crazy high prices here. I can buy 1200 sweetener pills for £1.30 ($2) in Scotland. Here the same quantity would cost an eye watering $76. Whisked cat food costs about $52 for a big bag. It’s ridiculous! Went to the clinic to see the staff and gave out more baby hats to new born babies. The picture is of myself with a friend Mildred who is a midwife there. Had several meetings with Midlands State University Dean Tendai Mandazi ( see pic ). Moving forward but not yet ready to go public. He’s a great guy and in the short time I have come to know him we have developed a good friendship. Hopefully will be able to reveal all before I leave.

we stayed with a cousin of the Dean in Bulawayo overnight and his wife was most welcoming. ( see pic of us with her and her 2 boys)


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